Pure nature



Ben Aerts is a passionated chef. He likes to spoil you in a culinary way. He is inspired by the well-know Frech kitchen and is influenced by the tastes and flavours all over the world. His dishes are innovative and prepared with biological and region products. Together with his sous-chef, Rogier and Dorien, they cook according to the rules and principals of Euro-Toques.

The 7 commandments from Ben Aerts:

  1. My dishes are traditional but refined
  2. I cook with respect for nature.
  3. You can taste my passion.
  4. Discover new ingrediënts, make combinations with spices is each day a challange.
  5. Design of new dishes is my adventure.
  6. My haert is my guide, to end with pure and honest flavours.
  7. I believe in the quality of my colleagues and in my self

Edelbrons; skill and expertise


before you can taste all the flavour, the ham should get the right temperature

It takes only 2 days from harvest to dish

Parsnip, so many possibilities.

Broth and gravy, prepared in our kitchen

We cook according the Euro-Toques principals

In the restaurants, who are a member of euro-Toques, the chefs cook with skill and expertise. In coöperation with local and selected producers, who meet the sustainable qualifications which garantees quality, flavour and preservation of culinairy traditons.
Each member of Euro-Toques Holland keeps its own kitchen and identity, but they share passion, enthusiasm and expertise. Each member proofs each day to be trendsetting in tradition and innovation, based on pure regional cooking

Dry and smoke

Goat cheese need rest…

The goat cheese is rolled

Ready for use

Puur genieten


Pure and honest, that is the basic philosofy of our kitchen. Pans on the stove for quite a while before we can call it a broth or gravy. We are proud to be a member of Euro-Toques Holland.


Slow cooking, patience and attention result in delicious dishes. Flavour, taste and ingrediënts for optimum enjoyment. Meat will be soft and tender. We are also member of Slow Food Holland.

The best sea-food

We start from scratch, cook, adjust, design

The best local ingrediënts for a tasteful soup

Pure nature

Looks great and the taste is delicious


Vegetarion food is so much more than skip the meat or prepare a goat cheese salad. We like to surprise with a creative and unexpected dish. We are the only restaurant in a radius of about 30 km which is entitled to use the hallmark “Gastvrij voor Vegetariërs”, translated “Hospitable for Vegan”.